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Photos in slideshow include Inner Awakening Writing Center classes at Peppermint Ridge, a home for developmentally disabled adults; Ra Yoga Studio; California State University, Fullerton; Chapman University; Ananda Center at Laurelwood; and more.

OC Weekly , March 2016

OC Weekly, March 2016

"Melissa Hoon is Healing Orange County Through Journaling and Meditation" by Denise De La Cruz


"Even as a child, Hoon felt deep shifts within her psyche when journaling—she didn't realize writing was a form of therapy but definitely felt its cathartic benefits. She eventually took her passion for writing to help others by founding The Inner Awakening Writing Center in 2013. It offers workshops and retreats for individuals looking to tap into the therapeutic power of introspection through journaling and meditation."

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Daily Titan , February 2016

Daily Titan, February 2016

"CSUF alumna empowers survivors of abuse through journaling" by Desiree Haley


"When Cal State Fullerton alumna Melissa Hoon isn’t working, meditating or journaling, she helps survivors of abuse by teaching them about the freeing power of therapeutic journaling.

Hoon created a program in which people can tune into their feelings, learn about self-compassion and meditation and take a pen to paper to tell their story.

The Inner Awakening Writing Center, founded in 2013, takes a holistic approach to journaling and offers workshops to people who want to take control of their story and address pain and hardship that their abuse has caused."

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LA YOGA  Magazine, April 2015

LA YOGA Magazine, April 2015

"Yoga Therapy: Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery" by Amanda Ridder


“Writing helps string pieces of fragmented memory together, allowing the survivor to form a full or nearly full memory ready for processing and healing,” says Melissa. “Workshop participants meditate to cultivate calmness, clarity, and a safe inner space in preparation for writing.  They meditate afterward to restore the balance of emotions that may have been agitated during the writing process.”

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Daily Titan , April 2015

Daily Titan, April 2015

"Volunteers aim to halt human trafficking with new ideas" by Matthew Haddix


One such program is headed by Melissa Grace Hoon, a volunteer who helps victims deal with the crisis they experienced through introspective journaling paired with meditation.

“Introspection is a huge part of any recovery process,” Hoon said. “You’ve taken on so much that isn’t really yours. So what writing does is it helps you identify what is not yours so that you’re able to let it go and in doing that your true self will also begin to emerge.”

Hoon’s contribution to the volunteer program is a creative response to trauma...

Read full article here.

COPH, January 2016

COPH, January 2016

The Center for Oral and Public History's "Women, Politics and Activism" project, interview by Moriah Schnose

Melissa was interviewed for her role in activism in Southern California. More information here.

Video by Rachel Egbi and Bryan McSweeney of CenterEverywhere.