Get everything you ever wanted through journaling!

You already know about gratitude writing. But do you know how and why it works? Our brains don't know the difference between our thoughts/stories and our perceived reality. So let's trick ourselves into thinking we're happy all the time! And eventually we truly will be happy all the time.

When you practice gratitude, you are uplifting your consciousness. You are calling on the higher faculties of the mind and heart, the higher chakras to lead your life, thoughts and feelings. I'd much rather have my higher Self in the driver's seat than a depressed or anxious me. That's not the real me anyway! When she comes along, I do my best to push her out of that driver's seat, out of the entire car actually. I want a life of pure bliss and lovingkindness, and that is not achieved by engaging in negative feeling and action.

I'm at a really great place in life right now. Probably the most positive place I've ever been. I feel grounded, stable, happy, driven and validated that I'm moving in a positive direction in all areas of life. But that doesn't mean the negative feelings don't come. I've struggled with depression pretty seriously in the past and sometimes I recognize those sneaky demons trying to claw their way back into my mind.

But that's where gratitude journaling and having a regular journaling/spiritual practice come into play! When I start feeling any negative emotion, I write my intentions or goals. These intentions are reflective of my dharma—Sanskrit for our purpose in life. I believe my purpose is to serve others by doing what I can to help them in their process to overcome suffering—ultimately, to support them on their path to becoming their highest Self.

So I write about ways I can do this. I write in stream of consciousness, doing my best to be a channel and allow the Divine to flow through me. That way I feel guided in my writing and know that what ends up on paper is coming from a higher place and not from just my ego. I create a rich and vibrant life on paper and meditate afterward, taking in what I've written and believing that it's already true.

And it is already true. The future is already written. We have will power, but there is also a divine intelligence guiding us on our path of life every second of every day. Let your higher Self emerge during journaling to remind yourself that that's who you truly are. You are love, peace, calmness, sound, light, energy/power, joy and wisdom (these are said to be the eight qualities of the Divine). Step boldly into your future with courage and confidence believing that you will claim what's yours.

What is ultimately yours is God and Self-realization. But there are a lot of higher actions we can take and higher things we can claim as ours to help us acheive these ultimate goals along the way. Ask yourself—what is it that you want to claim? Now write it down. :)