How to Manifest Abundance and Expansion: Replace limiting habits with positive action

I’ve realized that when I put forth the effort to make lasting changes in my life, extraordinary shifts in many areas of my life begin to occur. Fears and limiting beliefs are replaced with confidence, abundance in all forms and expansive opportunity. Doors begin to open in ways so creative that I’m certain my limited human mind couldn’t have come up with them.

When we release limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve us, we are creating space for abundance and positive opportunity to flow into our lives. My guru and great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, said, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” It’s not enough to simply want abundance and happiness; we have to work toward these high ideals and desires to manifest them.

To do this, we need to take self-inventory—which Yogananda also said to do. He said to journal before you go to sleep each night, noting your thoughts, behaviors and actions. “If you don’t like the course of your life or who you are becoming, change it,” he said. You can change it by consistently engaging in positive action, thus exerting great will and ultimately allowing a great flow of energy/positive change to manifest in your life.

How does one decide what to change? Identify habits and patterns in your life that don’t positively serve you. It could be an outward action, such as drinking too much coffee, or an inner habit, such as thinking anxiously. How does one break these habits? Choose a positive action you’d like to replace the habit with. For example, you could replace drinking your morning cup of coffee with a large glass of refreshing water, and your anxious thoughts with thoughts of gratitude.

This seems simple enough, but the key for success is devotion and consistency. Deepen your devotion through praying and journaling about what you’re changing. Pray for guidance in replacing your poor habits with positive action, and simply talk to God or a higher power about your process. Journal about how replacing these habits is serving you and why you want to make these changes. Strengthening your devotion will strengthen your magnetism, thus increasing your ability to be a divine channel, as well as your power to manifest your highest ideals and desires.

Be consistent by making a commitment to yourself that you will make these changes. Commit to making the change for a minimum of 21 days (that's what is widely suggested to break a habit or create a new pattern, but I suggest 30 days). For example, don’t drink coffee and drink water instead for 21 days. You’ll probably find that on day 22, you forgo the coffee and drink water naturally without even considering the former as an option. If you want to create a new pattern, simply tell yourself that you are replacing not doing the action with doing the action. For example, replace not journaling with journaling, or meditating inconsistently with meditating daily, or exercising twice a week with exercising five times a week.

I am currently leading a free 30-Day Habit Challenge on Facebook in a private group. If you have questions or would like to join, please email me and I will add you to our group if a spot is open.