Writing to Heal + Meditation Workshop FAQs

What is expressive writing and meditation? What do they have to do with healing? And how does all of this connect with consciousness? Here I share some answers to common questions clients ask and general topics we discuss in my Writing to Heal + Meditation workshops.*

What does consciousness have to do with healing?

The most effective and quick way to heal is by changing our consciousness. Consciousness is our awareness and perception of ourselves and the world around us. It affects our moods and our actions. For example, if we are in an uplifted state of consciousness, we will feel joyful and engage in actions of love and compassion. Contrarily, if our consciousness is in a lower, debased state, we will feel depressed and discouraged, employing negative actions that can harm ourselves and others.

What is the purpose of expressive writing and meditation?

The purpose of expressive writing and meditation, as taught in my workshop, is to raise and expand our consciousness to a level of expansive peace, joy, calmness and love in which we can constantly live. We can analyze our problems all we want by thinking about them, but this is unlikely to bring a sustainable solution. Thinking is limiting; writing and meditation are expansive. Expansion through writing and meditation will bring us real, lasting solutions for healing. In the process of raising our consciousness through writing and meditation, we let go of negative and repressive feelings we have toward past events and attachments in our lives. Letting go will reawaken us to the freedom that is already present within us, and writing will give us a voice to reclaim our innate power.

What is “expressive writing”?

Expressive writing is a form of writing and therapy that raises our consciousness by giving us freedom and clarity through communication with ourselves. Communicating one-on-one with ourselves gives us intimate free-range to honestly and privately explore our deepest feelings and emotions. Traumatic memories, whether representing minor/everyday or severe traumas, are typically stored in bits and pieces in our memory as static events. Writing allows us to string these static events together in one fluid story, helping us understand the bigger picture of our trauma. Honest introspection and reflection brings us clarity, allowing us to process troubling memories that have restricted and repressed us.

What is “meditation”?

Meditation is an ancient practice that aims to bring the meditator clarity and self-awareness by achieving inner calmness. When we are calm and still, we make ourselves more able to connect with our highest self. Our highest self is our truest, most authentic self. It is our freest and most powerful self, free from the limits of ego and attachments. Meditation helps calm ourselves so that we can recognize and let go of all limitations, and attune with our freedom within. Meditation inspires us to express this reawakened freedom in our daily thoughts and actions, ultimately cultivating self-transformation and empowerment.

Learn specifically how expressive writing helps heal in my next blog…

*My workshop was inspired by and largely based on the teachings of the great Yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda, and by the guidance of his student, Swami Kriyananda, aka J. Donald Walters.
*This Writing to Heal + Meditation workshop was originally designed for those who have experienced emotional/psychological trauma, but anyone can benefit from the healing modalities of expressive writing and meditation, and the exercises taught in the workshop.