The Secret’s Out: How to Manifest Your Dreams In 2015!

Close your eyes and imagine how you want your life to be. Paint the details across the blank canvas of your mind — where would you live, what would you do, who would be in your life? Now, imagine you had the power to manifest this dream. Guess what — you DO have the power to manifest all this and more by consciously setting your intentions!

Intention-setting is an incredibly powerful way to transform your dreams into reality and start living your passion (aka living yourdharma, or “right action”). To set an intention, sit calmly and visualize what you want to happen in its fullest form. Then, in the coming days, weeks, months — however long until it manifests — meditate on the intention, pray that it happens if it’s part of divine will, and consciously think about it regularly.

Writing down or journaling our intentions increases the power behind their manifestation. Before or after we visualize what we wish to manifest or change in our lives, we can write these intentions down. Write with conscious sincerity and devotion to the idea of your intention bringing you sattvic (“pure,” “highest virtue”) solutions that inspire you to be your highest Self. Such devotion creates the space needed within us to attract and house positive energy and high vibrations. This new energy will gently encourage old, negative energy to melt away, and best of all, will guide us into being our best Self.

So what does it mean to you to become your highest Self? Who is your highest Self? Our highest Self is our soul as divine truth, free of ego and attachments. To many yogis, this truth is considered to be made of joy, love, peace, calmness, wisdom, power, sound and light (or the “eight aspects of God“). When you set intentions, think about what makes you feel the most joyful, peaceful, light-filled and calm. When envisioning your manifest intentions, notice how their outcomes make you feel. If you feel uneasy or contracting feelings, this is your intuition telling you that this outcome is not right; it is your ego acting, rather than your soul intuiting.

Paramhansa Yogananda, a great master of Kriya yoga and author of Autobiography of a Yogi, famously offered this encouragement regarding introspection to truth-seekers: “Do you like the trend of your life? If not, change it.” Journaling consistently helps us identify trends in our lives and gives us the freedom and space to evaluate how we feel about such habits and circumstances. Writing down our intentions can be the first step in changing trends in our lives.

The trick to ensuring that writing down our intentions will help manifest them is to follow our writing with action and will. Write with will and act with will. If we truly want something that is right for us, the universe often gifts us with these humble dreams of ours. We don’t always receive what we wish for in the way we imagine, but the Divine gives us what we want at the time we need it. But we must strive to seek truth with hearts of gold, for it is when we desire with purity and humility, and when we seek truth above all else, that we will receive what we need and what is ultimately meant for us. As the Holy Scripture reminds us in Matthew 6:33: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Let journaling help you figure out what feels right to you in life. When you determine things that don’t work in your life, follow this with lists of resolutions or ways to change. May your journaling insights and the year 2015 bring you all the peace, love and joy you need to become your highest Self and live your passion!